Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aunt Frances' Birthday Party

The birthday girl Aunt Frances loving all the family being with her.
The fire department was on standby.

Cupcakes for the little & big kids.

Had to get a shot of Linda's mother Margie

Together chowing down on great food.

The puppy that stole everyone's heart with her neverending love.

A calmer moment for the sweet little puppy.

Lovely fountain adorning the front yard.

Hard to find words to express the beauty her daughter Judy has put into her landscaping & flowers.

The children sure enjoyed the indoor heated pool.

Very athletic at times having such a great time.


  1. How old is your aunt? Lovely photos!

  2. Happy birthday, Frances! That's a beautiful home and landscaping, Odie, and the puppy reminds me of the pet Yorkie that I owned back in the 70s! Have a fine Sunday, good buddy!

  3. Happy birthday to Frances. What a lovely home her daughter has too. Looks like a great way to make happy memories. Hugs!

  4. Indeed, Happy Birthday to Frances! What a cute little puppy, and what a wonderful home her daughter has - I could certainly use an indoor swimming pool like that. Wow!! The landscaped grounds are amazing. Lovely photos today Odie,and thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Those are beautiful pictures not only of family, friends and dogs, but the pool, yard and landscaping is amazing. Someone has a good eye and talent.

  6. Wow, beautiful ladies, both Linda's mom and Aunt Frances!

    Love that yard and especially that indoor pool, how I'd love an indoor pool in this cold state we live in!!!

  7. WOW The house and yard are amazing! I love all the plants and statues!

    I like the cake too! It's a cool design!

  8. That pool looks amazing! :O