Sunday, April 10, 2011

How my friday turned out

Happy Sunday folks. The picture pretty much sums up how my technicians repaired copiers on friday. Yes, it was one of those, Mr. Customer, it sure sucks to be you days. I don't think anyone could have been happier to see 5 PM happen than I was.

If they had been "green" technicians with little or no experience my expectations would have been lower but these guys, and I was down to 3 since one only works through wednesday part time and one was on a day of vacation, all have many years of experience but I think they were all afflicted with the same disorder. I'm not happy with my job and can't fix shit syndrome.

Of course when I see this happening and recognize it for what it is I feel powerless to make anything positive happen and that is an awful feeling to put it mildly. You might ask me are these guys worked too hard or not give enough benefits during the day? Well, let's see.

To start with each of them are supplied with a company vehicle to drive to and from home at no cost to them. They have a gas card to keep the vehicle full of gas that is approaching $4.00 a gal. Their day starts at 8 AM but they have been conditioned to slowly exit the shop towards 9 AM but not to their first service call but to "Griffin's Grill" next door to have breakfast and fellowship until maybe 9:30 or later putting them at their first call if I am lucky around 10 AM. Don't forget that lunch time is coming and they know how to squeeze every minute out of 60. As a disclaimer I will add that this behaviour is practiced by 4 of the 5. I do have one that actually acts responsible so there is a glimer of hope at times.

So, you might say to yourself after reading all this, how in the hell can they not be happy with their job? You see, they have all been told 1,000 times that the day starts at 8 AM and 8:01 is not acceptable to come walking through the door. Also we try to be a profit based company and when they throw a $100 assembly at a machine when a $1.25 part would have fixed the problem, or they forget to take an important part to a call and have to go back burning more expensive gas, they get upset when management barks at them. That is when the syndrome kicks in and I have to wonder how long it will last.

I don't really know if any of them actually look at my blog and I don't really care but I hope they see this and realize how they need to park their attitudes in the parking lot and get on with business like professionals.

On a lighter note we did get spaghetti plates the company bought from the local Boy Scouts that was quite tasty.

Monday is coming, with numerous emergencies facing my day but at least I will have 5 technicians instead of 3 unless one or more calls in sick. Time will tell.


  1. Where I work it is so busy sometimes we can't breath. Patients keep coming and we keep smiling.....Good exercise!
    Can I work for you Odie?:-)

  2. Wow, one of those weeks for sure! I would love it if my company gave me a car and gas cards!

  3. I had a dozen or more jobs over the years that ranged from ditch digging to department manager. I hate it when a company is divided into "us" and "them." I have seen abuses on both sides. When I was among the rank and file I often found that the guy who was punctual and conscientious received no more benefits than the slacker because management didn't reward good employees and was afraid to sanction poor ones. Some enlightened companies find the formula to keep everybody working together in harmony but there aren't enough of them. ("Dueling Banjos" is now playing!) I hope the week ahead is a good one for you, Odie.

  4. I have little patience for wasting time and resources. Wherever I worked, whether it be for a charitable organization or big business, I always tried imagining how I would feel if I owned the business and it was all coming out of my own pocket. At the end of the day, workplace waste affects everyone. It may not appear that way at first, but when the coffee service or rented water cooler is canceled to cut costs, or the company Christmas party is nixed or benefits get scaled back, then people should wonder if that wasted 15minutes each day was really worth losing those perks. Great post. Hope next week is a little more productive for your guys. - G

  5. I have CFS syndrome!
    Spaghetti sounds so good!

  6. I think your chaps are lucky to have such a good job to be honest, Odie. Sounds as if they're taking the mickey a little out of the Company, which I don't like at all. I do hope that this coming week turns out to be a much better one for you! Take care my friend, and try not to let them get you down!!

  7. Wow, any way to reward the one tech with good working skills? Kind of like kids, reward the good behavior.

    Hope your week is better than last week.

  8. yeah, i have CFS syndrome as well!

    it's too bad because you have to wonder what's taking place between them and the customers, on the job site as well. from the sounds of it, retirement can't come quick enough for you. i know if i found out that a techie was charging me for a $100 part instead of paying $1.25 for the one that would fix it instead....i'd take my business elsewhere. that kind of laziness or lack of job integrity will cost any company sooner or later. sounds like they ought to be door greeters at walmart.

  9. Interesting post, Odie. I hope Monday is a good day for you.

  10. Hi
    New to your blog. Found you at The Fleeting Moment blog with sojourner.

    I know your frustration. Customer service is a hard job even when everyone is doing what they should do. It is very very hard when they don't.

    You recipes look good. Plan to try a few.

    Retired knitter

  11. Hi Odie,
    Having lived with my husband's layoffs, it's hard to understand how anyone can be so blase about any job. Perhaps they just need a reminder of the fact that there are still millions of folks in our country who are struggling to find any job. I wish for you a more peaceful week. Blessings, ~Vonnie (aka Peacemom), NH

  12. Here's hoping Monday and the new week provide good things, good people and good attitudes. Hugs!

  13. There is nothing taught today about business/work ethics. Most people I've worked with who were younger couldn't care less about anything. Hard for us who do give a damn.

  14. I once worked in the housekeeping department at the college I graduated from. I finally left because nearly every person on that crew behaved the way those techs do. So much negative energy! So little actual activity in the form of work being done! Hiding and whining were the two main activities. These people had full medical benefits and free college for themselves and their children and grandchildren. Too many perks can make for sloth in the workplace.